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Dulag Luft - Luft VI - Luft IV - Death March

These are recollections from former Prisoners of War who were from the United States Army Air Force during World War II. Since History in schools today don't seem to teach the true history of World War II
it is felt such a Web Page and it's related recollections of experiences as endured by each air man should be recorded for history, at least, from some of us that were actually unfortunate to be shot down, captured and held by the Germans at their various POW Camp.

It is hoped that we can bring you some recollections from some of these former captured air men that were held at Dulag Luft, Stalag LuftVI, The Baltic Cruise, Stalag Luft IV, the 80 plus days Death March and other places they may have been incarcerated in along with pictures and sketches pertaining to this not pleasant part of our lives. There were other numerous POW camps for captured American ground troops, but this Web Page will deal only with the above named POW camps. Please be aware that these named POW Camps were generally for enlisted men, the Officers were held in separate POW camps called Stalag Luft I and Stalag Luft III, which were located in
or near Barth and Sagan, Germany respectively.

Granted that some of these stories and recollections may be hilarious but mostly are not and some may even seem to be a bit hard to believe. Some may even seem bizarre, but they are true recollections of actual Prisoners of War experiences of American Air Men shot down over Germany occupied territory and held by Germany during the World War II period of early 1943 through May of 1945 in World War II.

(Jim Champagne)

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