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The Prisoners Prayer

O God, my creator and protector,
I know that Thou are near me
and so I adore Thee
and give myself to Thee body and soul,
and with complete submission to Thy will.

Thou hast save me from death
which has overtaken so many of my companions,
and has permitted that I be a prisoner.
I will bear patiently and hopefully
for love of Thee with all the difficulties of my state.

Bless me and all my companions here,
grant us to live in peace,
comforting and consoling one another
with fraternal love and charity.

Bless my family who are far away,
my friends and all I love,
my country and my comrades in arms.

Give me peace,
and protect me from melancholy and despair
and above all, keep me from offending Thee.
My God, I thank Thee for all Thy blessings,
and I will try to serve Thee as St. Paul has told us;
"Rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation,
instant in prayer."

(Author: Unknown to Me)

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From the Heart of Angel

This poem is about a Prisoner of War and not of a prisoner that has broken the law of the land. Many have been Prisoners of War and have served their country giving their all. And many have been through these areas that are covered in this poem and more. Many lives were spared, and yet many gave everything that they had including their lives. So it is to all those that have been POW's that I dedicate this page. Thank You for giving me freedom.

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"I Surrender All"

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